Massage Therapy

Therapeutic and Healing Massage in Pierre, South Dakota specializes in myofascial release and Reiki.

These techniques along with conscious focused breathing will assist you in relaxing, releasing stress, tension, fascia restriction and pain.

Together we will work to implement solutions that allow you to sustain this relaxation through body awareness, stretching and breathing techniques that will contribute to your overall wellness.

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Gentle and practical healing therapy in person or over distance

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Therapeutic and Healing Massage

1205 N. Harrison Ave., Suite 203
Pierre, South Dakota 57501


Healing Translated Meditation Music

Music for relaxation, meditation and concentration. These albums are designed as a clearing and balancing of the energetic (chakra) system. This instrumental music is intended to guide you through the human energetic system with a gentle flowing journey. This music is great for morning meditation to start your day with clarity and balance, for concentration at work or studying or listen at the end of the day allowing stress to float away. Headphones or buds are recommended to fully enjoy this beautifully nuanced music.​

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​​The power of holistic solutions for healthy living.

Maintaining excellent health and vibrance in life is a focus of Therapeutic and Healing Massage.

Massage • Myofascial Release • Reiki